Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The MUGEN Front Grille is a direct replacement for the factory CR-Z front grille. The upper air inlet duct, lower mesh grille and integrated emblem are distinctly MUGEN.

The MUGEN Body Kit adds an aggressive look and stance to the CR-Z. Kit includes the front under spoiler, side spoilers and rear under spoiler.

MUGEN touches can be appreciated from all angles.

The MUGEN Oil Filler Cap is machined from billet aluminum.

The MUGEN Shift Knob is made from special edition black aluminum.

The MUGEN Sports Mats feature six stripes with red stripes for the driver’s side mat representing "Dou" (move) and gray stripes for the passenger mat representing "Sei" (calm).

Launch control

Which one the best launch control you like??




Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Honda Accord Coupe

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

b18cR 2000


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Toda Racing


TODA Racing cam pulley allow precise tuning of camshaft timing. Adjustable cam pulley are essential when using Toda Camshafts or any non-stock performance camshaft. TODA cam pulley are made completely from 7075 aluminum while our competitors use 6061. 6061 is a cheaper grade of aluminum and is easier to produce on CNC machines, therefore is cheaper to produce. 7075 is a more expensive and higher grade of aluminum commonly found on fighter aircraft landing gear or other high stress areas. The use of 7075 aluminum allows TODA Racing to offer the strongest and lightest cam pulley on the market. In addition, our advanced timing degree system makes TODA cam pulley the most accurate on the market. For long term durability the timing marks are machined into the metal, not painted on, or silk screened, therefore they will not rub off with age.

Some aftermarket cam pulley use connecting bolts that are not compatible with TODA camshafts. The use of these bolts could damage the TODA camshafts. If you plan to use TODA camshafts, Toda only recommend using TODA cam pulley to prevent damage to the camshafts.

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