Monday, 12 December 2011

Pro Siries Intake Manifold

Why upgrade your intake manifold to only be limited to a 66mm throttle body? Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifolds allow for port-matching as large as 75mm to allow you to extract the most power out of your engine as possible.

Skunk2 reshaped and relocated the IAC passage on its manifolds to accommodate throttle body port-matching as large as 75mm without the risk of breaking through. The clone's OEM-located IAC passage allows for throttle body port-matching no larger than 66mm, resulting in a significant bottleneck, limited horsepower gains, and decreased performance.

Although the packaging may appear similar, don't be fooled by what's inside. Besides the fake manifold, look for cheap, flimsy decals and poorly printed product instructions.

Irregular blemishes and casting marks are common among clone manifolds (3). That's because often times recycled, lesser grade aluminum is used to reduce manufacturing costs. The results are brittle manifolds that are prone to cracking and discoloration. Inside is where the clones further fall short. A harsh transition from the throttle body opening to the number four intake runner (2) and limited space for throttle body port matching (1) makes the clone manifolds no better than OEM castings.


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